The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness Is the Opposite of Submission

I've always been profoundly puzzled by people who give up all their power to some authority figure. Self-awareness is the opposite of submission: It means speaking your mind and talking about what's meaningful to you, even when it's uncomfortable. It's exploring parts of the universe that other people don't dare examine and saying and doing things that upset the status quo. It's living genuinely and questioning the established order. It's the opposite of submitting to some outside entity.

When you give up your own decision-making ability you give away your self. What does that leave you? Nothing. No amount of riches or status can make up for not living authentically, the voice inside you will always be reminding you of who your really are, regardless of how hard you try to silence it. I love connecting with people who value self awareness because they chart their own course rather than submitting to rules imposed by others who are completely out of control.

How do you emphasize self-awareness over submission?