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Self-Awareness and Your Worldview

Your level of self-awareness deeply affects your worldview. If you believe that the world is an unforgiving place where people can't be trusted or want to harm you then you'll live your life in a particular way. If, on the other hand, you see the world as a place where people can be trusted and are generally well-meaning you'll behave in other ways. Your worldview colors everything you do in life and will lead you down a certain path which can be beneficial or full of hindrances.

In order to increase your self-awareness and enjoy life, take some time to ask yourself where your assumptions about the world come from. Identify the beliefs you hold that keep you from living happily and take action to shift them in a more positive direction. For example: If you believe that you can't talk with someone, consciously decide that you'll give them the benefit of the doubt and communicate with them in a way that invites them to connect with you. It takes deliberate effort and courage to shift your worldview but it can help you live much more meaningfully. What will you do to create a positive worldview?



2 thoughts on “Self-Awareness and Your Worldview

  1. Roy Hewes

    Hi Guy, Really like your site, find it encouraging to find people engaging in bringing others to self-awareness. I believe that self-awareness is a very deep understanding of the fit of one’s self and how we relate with others and the universe.

    The work you’re doing is great, I became self-aware after living a life trapped in depression it has radically changed my life in the short time I have became aware. Great things are happening to me because of a shift in my perception and a change in my understanding and beliefs.

    I want to go on and help people, especially those trapped in the social system, I know it will happen … just a matter of talking and convincing enough people.
    Not sure why I am telling you all this Guy, No actually I do know, I know that the world would be better if people woke up.

    Strength in numbers,