The Self-Awareness Guy

Why Self-Awareness Matters

You've probably met people, even very successful ones, who behave like they're clueless or unbalanced in some part of their lives. Perhaps they don't deal with others very positively, can't get past some childhood trauma or have ideas about the world that aren't grounded in reality. What they're often missing is self-awareness, the ability to understand how their thoughts, emotions and behaviors affect them and others.

People avoid looking at themselves because they're afraid of what they might find. It takes courage to admit that they're not perfect, that they've made mistakes, that they've been wrong in the past or that there are areas that need improvement in their lives. Those who do decide to take a candid look at themselves soon discover that they can live deeply satisfying, meaningful, healthy and balanced lives.

Self-awareness matters because you're worth it. You deserve to live a fully conscious life that reflects the real you rather than doing all the other garbage that makes you (and the people around you) unhappy. When you understand who you are and why you think and behave the way you do, you get to live an authentic life being yourself rather than trying to be someone you're not or relying on outside sources for your happiness.

Increasing your self-awareness gives you the opportunity to live the life you were meant to live without restrictions. It's a journey that begins with your willingness to look at yourself honestly and become the most healthy, balanced you possible. How will you start building your self-awareness?