The Self-Awareness Guy

It Takes Self-Awareness to Look at Yourself

There are many individuals who construct idealized versions of themselves to avoid having to look at how they really think and behave and the results they're getting. It takes self-awareness to look at yourself, admit that something isn't working and change direction. Here are some questions to ask yourself to stop fighting the facts and live based on what's actually going on in your life and what you're capable of doing:

  • What do I do in my life that causes me discomfort?
  • What can I do to let go of the things that cause me discomfort?
  • What would I change about myself to feel more comfortable?
  • What can I do to focus on my own behaviors rather than what other people do?
  • What patterns in my life would I change so I could be happier?
  • What am I willing to do to move in a positive direction?
  • What's my plan for letting go of the thoughts and behaviors that don't help me?
  • What will I do to be the same person privately and publicly?
  • What will I do to live authentically?

No amount of fighting the facts can change the reality of how you behave and the results you get in life. Take some time to answer questions like the ones I've suggested here and get to know yourself on a deeper level so you can live authentically and happily. Life is much more rewarding when you take a good look at yourself and follow your true path.



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