The Self-Awareness Guy

Advantages of Self-Awareness

I'm often asked what are the advantages of self-awareness. It's almost impossible to overestimate the impact self-awareness can have on someone's life, here are some of the advantages I've noticed through years of working with people and organizations over the years:

  • An ability to understand one's own thoughts, feelings, and actions and manage them positively.
  • Understanding why other people think, feel, and act the way they do.
  • Ability to empathize and practice compassion toward others.
  • Identifying your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Living your life more authentically because you understand who you really are deep inside.
  • Thinking and behaving more positively because you've worked through your stuff.
  • Being more open to new information, experiences, and change.
  • Choosing positive friends and significant others.
  • Being a better leader at work because you're not working out your issues on others.
  • Feeling more balanced and together.
  • A sense of deeper understanding of yourself and your path in life.
  • A more meaningful and fulfilling life.

There's no mystery to self-awareness, it's simply a tool that helps you know so much about yourself that you literally become a happier, more effective human being which, in turn, positively affects you and the people around you. When you possess self-awareness you tap into a stream of consciousness and knowledge that helps you treat yourself and others better, as well as allowing you to make the world a better place. What would you add to this list?