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Self-Awareness and Emotional Depth

When you enjoy a high level of self-awareness you're also likely in touch with your emotions, which helps you relate well to others and live a happier life. Here are some of the characteristics of emotional depth:

  • You recognize and understand other people's feelings.
  • You understand how your emotions affect others.
  • You don't work out your personal hurts on other people.
  • You don't blindly run over people because you're trying to ignore or placate some deeper emotional issue inside you.
  • You don't pretend emotions don't exist or put down people who are "too emotional."
  • People like you.
  • You're successful because you're a nice person.
  • You live a life of empathy.

Many people think that being emotional is something to be avoided at all costs when it's really just a natural part of being a human being. It's how you deal with your emotions that impacts how balanced and at peace you are. What will you do to increase your emotional depth?



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