The Self-Awareness Guy

Key Diversity Outcomes for Business

Leaders frequently ask me why they should care at all about diversity. This is a very natural question and my answer is usually related to what direction the business wishes to go in. Certain policies and behaviors lead in one direction while others create different results. The outcome depends on the leader and company's self-awareness and willingness to make things happen.

Consider the following outcomes when you're thinking about how to create a diversity friendly environment, these are the potential payoffs for your company of paying attention to diversity.

1. Increased trust.

2. Greater collaboration.

3. Resolution of differences.

4. Improved communication.

5. Better staff cohesion.

Now think of the effects of each of these five outcomes and project what each of them might do for your company's bottom line. Imagine if your company excels in even one area. What would happen if it achieved all five?

Companies that commit to making diversity a positive force in the workplace reap substantial benefits because they get rid obstacles to success. The good news is that businesses can move in this direction at any time by planning and implementing a diversity strategy that, over time, leads to the outcomes we've listed. All it takes is sustained effort and commitment.