The Self-Awareness Guy

Your Leadership and Creating a Positive Workplace

Your perspective frequently makes the difference in the kind of work environment you create.  Leaders can create positive workplaces when they believe that they can improve on what's currently being done rather than enduring and perpetuating what's always been done.

It's up to you what kind of workplace you create.  You've probably met leaders who spend incredible amounts of time and effort on everything but designing a workplace that feels positive.  It's almost as if someone told them along the way that they had to settle for whatever the workplace looked like when they go there.  So they accept whatever comes their way, focusing on surviving rather than increasing their self-awareness and growing in some way.

A positive way to begin redirecting your work environment is to ask yourself, "If I could design my ideal workplace, what would it look like?"

Being a leader gives you the opportunity to explore many avenues.  You can limit your options or you can explore new and exciting ways to create a happier workplace.  It's up to you.  Think about your own workplace and what you could do if you applied your amazing gifts to making it a great place for yourself and your employees.  Then put some thought into what you can actually do to make your vision happen.  As you begin working from a more positive perspective you'll find that you begin feeling happier and more balanced because you are creating a workplace that feels that way.  Work will be more fun and you might actually enjoy the new atmosphere you're creating.

You can start creating a workplace you and your employees find fulfilling at any time.  Think about what you want to do and take some concrete action every day until you build what you want.  What will you do to start making it happen?