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What’s Your Leadership Style?

We all know that we're supposed to be great leaders who motivate everyone and get impressive results. Yet when we hit the real world all kinds of obstacles get in our way. There are three basic styles of leadership: Passive, authoritative and balanced and each one leads to different results.

The passive leader listens well and doesn't act impulsively. On the less productive side she may be detached and uninvolved. The passive leader doesn't always speak up and may avoid conflict.

The authoritative leader can lead groups and is generally clear on what they expect. The less effective part is that she may micromanage and not delegate effectively. The authoritative leader likes to talk and always gives you their opinion.

The balanced leader is a combination of the positive traits of the passive and authoritative styles. This person talks when necessary and listens well. They take action when necessary and hold back when necessary. They get better results from employees because they tend to be more in the middle of issues and take a more balanced approach to supervision and direction. If you've ever worked for a balanced leader, you know that it can be quite a positive experience.

Ask yourself the following questions in thinking about your leadership style.

1. What side of the spectrum do I lead from?

2. What results do I get?

3. What is one thing I could do to modify my style to get better results?

4. What is one thing I could do to support my employees more?

Think about these questions and your own leadership style. Sometimes making a small shift in your approach can lead to excellent results.