The Self-Awareness Guy

5 Ideas to Create More Effective Training

Whether you’re facilitating training on your own or are looking for someone to conduct training for your organization, you can increase your chances of success by thinking about some basic ideas.

1.  Training is about the participants.  Trainers get caught up with how much they know about a given subject or how long they can talk about it but the bottom line is whether the audience can apply the information in a way that’s meaningful to them.

2.  Going deeper.  Training is often about the underlying causes of events.  For example:  Two people may be fighting but what is the conflict really about?  Deeper exploration helps people get to the root cause of their behaviors rather than staying on the surface.

3.  Engaging the audience.  A trainer doesn’t have to be the funniest person on earth or the smartest but it makes a huge difference whether people are paying attention.  In addition, it really helps when a facilitator can “read the room” to gauge people’s level of energy and interest.

4.  Managing the training.  Effective trainers understand the distinction between a group that participates actively and one that is running out of control.  Setting some basic ground rules is important to help a group share at a deeper level.  A good trainer manages the group enough to avoid energy depleting behaviors but encourages deeper interaction.

5.  Inviting two-way participation and interaction.  A rich training experience usually includes lively interaction between the facilitator and the group and between participants.  A skilled trainer will invite people to think for themselves and come up with their own answers rather than spoon feeding them information.

As you become skilled in these ideas you’ll find that you get more training done in less time with better results.

That’s when training becomes enjoyable rather than a chore.