The Self-Awareness Guy

10 Ways to Be Happy

Imagine living a life where you think and act in ways that bring you deep joy and fulfillment. Here are ten things you can do starting right now to be happy:

  1. Forgive yourself and others.
  2. Do meaningful work that reflects your real passions.
  3. Let go of the need for things to turn out a certain way.
  4. Make sure what you say matches what you do.
  5. Treat yourself and others with kindness.
  6. Help others, including people you don't know.
  7. Praise someone.
  8. Give someone a hug.
  9. Tell someone you love him or her, tell yourself too.
  10. Heal your hurts.

When you do these things you'll be connecting on a more meaningful level with yourself and others as well as building self-awareness. What other ideas do you have to be happy?