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It’s OK to Be Wrong

Many people think it's the end of the world if they're wrong. They'll go through all kinds of contortions to not admit a mistake, even going as far as covering things up, blaming someone else or denying that it ever happened. The amazing thing is that being wrong is liberating. It gives you a chance to stop, reevaluate and move in a more beneficial direction.

Perhaps you avoid looking like you're wrong because you don't want to feel shame, weakness or inferiority. The key to getting better results in life is to understand that being wrong offers a unique opportunity to learn and grow and helps you:

  • Get new information.
  • Learn new things.
  • Consider different ideas and points of view.
  • Be flexible and open to changing your mind.
  • Get different results.
  • Stop repeating patterns that don't work.
  • Set a positive example of being able to grow.
  • Understanding yourself better.
  • Find areas for improvement.
  • Act like a grownup.
  • Live a happier life.

The ability to be wrong is a significant part of self-awareness because it indicates that you're mature and healthy enough to admit a mistake, learn from it and move on. It's the difference between an individual who stays stuck repeating the same error over and over because he never fixes the underlying cause and the person who is able to move past it. You get to choose whether being wrong holds you back or helps you grow and succeed. What will you do to admit you're wrong more often?



0 thoughts on “It’s OK to Be Wrong

  1. Anya Faingersh

    Guy, I wouldn’t say “being wrong is liberating”, but I definitely agree with you that focusing on what can be done differently and understanding mechanisms behind the decision making process rather then sinking into game of guilt, is more beneficial and only constructive approach. Lovely post! Especially I liked the point on “Stop repeating patterns that don’t work”