The Self-Awareness Guy

A Single Person Can Change the World

A key element of self-awareness is realizing how much power you have to change the world for the better. A single person can lift humanity out of misery or plunge it into self-destruction. One damaged individual can lead a nation into the precipice or destroy the planet. One healthy individual can help bring about hope, kindness, and healing.

The amazing thing about human beings is that we have the ability to move in any direction we want. Each day we have the opportunity to work for the common good or promote strife. I love interacting with people who value self-awareness because they understand the effect of their thoughts, words, and actions. They use their personal power to move beyond their own immediate needs to helping highlight injustices and create a better world.

If one individual can help people get along or go to war, imagine the power you wield to change anything that matters to you. What are your thoughts on the impact of a single person?