The Self-Awareness Guy

Finding Your Meaning of Life

People tell me about their goals and aspirations followed by all the reasons why they can’t do anything about them. Frequently the only thing stopping people from doing what they want to is their self-imposed limitations.

The meaning of life is pretty much whatever you decide it is for you. You have immense power to move your life in any direction you want it to. Try the following today:

1. Think of something you really love doing.
2. Plan a way to fit this thing into your life.
3. Continue doing it.

Make sure you act in ways that get you closer to your dreams. For example: If you love art do everything in your power to pursue the interest. This could mean taking an art class, going to museums, creating your own art or talking to artists. The idea is to begin doing things in the area you love.

Once you start this movement toward doing things you love you will live life more meaningfully. I always encourage people to do the things that bring them joy. In this way, we live more meaningful lives.