The Self-Awareness Guy

We All Need Support

When I help people figure out what they want out of life and their relationships they often ask me why some people achieve their goals and some don’t. The answer is frequently that successful people ask for outside help so that they can learn new ways of doing things that break the patterns they’ve established. As a life coach and advisor, I am familiar with people’s power to change their lives dramatically with the help of someone supportive helping them reach their goals.

It’s great to have friends and family but there is an additional valuable place for having someone helping us who does not know us. It introduces an objectivity and clarity we can’t get from people who know us. Some people look for help from a therapist, for others a coach is a great option, for others a class or group of some kind helps them acquire new insight. The people who most succeed at changing things in their life have this kind of outside support that opens their minds to new possibilities.

An outside, supportive person can help us see things from a more neutral point of view and can identify things that people who know us don’t see. If we are stuck in the same rut it’s often refreshing to just have a neutral, outside perspective that gives us clear feedback. Try it sometime: think of something you want to work on in your life and then reach out to an outside helper who can help you get where you want to go. The only thing you have to lose is what you have now.