The Self-Awareness Guy

Being a True Optimist

A lot of people who say they're optimists feel, think, and behave in profoundly pessimistic or negative ways, to the point of hurting themselves or others. Being a true optimist means you're consistently open to increasing your self-awareness, following an authentic path in life, and behaving hopefully and positively. You can't claim to look on the bright side if you spread negative vibes in some other part of your life.

Real optimists make life better not only for themselves but for everyone else. They believe that the world can be a kind, peaceful place where people treat each other with empathy and care. I love providing training and coaching for self-aware people because they aren't afraid to examine who they are, warts and all, and keep moving forward fearlessly. It takes courage to look at the difficult things in life and keep learning and growing rather than pretending you're doing OK while you're really hurting inside.

What do you do to be a true optimist?