The Self-Awareness Guy

How You Treat Yourself and Others

As you build your self-awareness, you'll likely understand that how you treat yourself often predicts how you will treat others. If you feel horrible about yourself, chances are you'll treat others the same way. There are countless cautionary examples of people who don't feel healthy inside and the destruction they wreak on their own psyches, the people they interact with, and the world. If you feel great, then you're bound to create good vibes in the world, which is what happy, balanced people do.

A great way to feel wonderful about yourself is to increase your self-awareness by consciously looking deep inside and deciding who the real you is. Who are you at your very core? What do you really want to do with your life? Once you answer questions like these you can start doing things to live authentically. As you become a more fulfilled and balanced person, you'll naturally treat yourself and other people wonderfully for all the right reasons.

How do you treat yourself and others?