The Self-Awareness Guy

Life Is Precious

Many individuals lack the self-awareness to realize how precious life is and wait until they're on their deathbeds before they admit they would have liked to resolve certain issues in their lives or behave differently. People often live their lives unconsciously and feel, think, and behave unfavorably or unproductively. I would love for them to ask themselves: If life is precious,

  • Why would I ever hate someone?
  • Why would I spend one more moment living in fear?
  • Why would I let my past hold me back?
  • Why would I resist change?
  • Why would I not live every moment to its fullest capacity?
  • Why would I not pursue my dreams?
  • Why would I live my life based on my hurts?
  • Why would I not do everything in my power to treat myself and others well?
  • Why would I not live a deeply meaningful and enlightened life?

So many people never ask themselves these types of questions, they just exist unconsciously. Luckily, life doesn't have to be a sequence of reactions to unforeseen events, you can decide to move it in any direction you wish. It's possible to keep building your self-awareness so you can live courageously and authentically instead of doing stuff that gets in the way and takes you off your true path.

Self-aware people constantly strive to find out who they are deep inside and how they can make the world a better place. You only have one chance to enjoy your time on this planet. What do you do with your precious life?