The Self-Awareness Guy

Denying Creativity

A big part of building self-awareness is being able to express your creativity. I've talked with many people over the years who deny their creativity by saying things like:

  • I'm not creative.
  • It's hard to be creative.
  • I just stick to practical things.
  • I don't believe in that airy-fairy stuff.
  • I'm not an artist.

These statements were probably deposited into their minds by a parent, teacher, or friend and, over time, became a way of life. You may also hear these types of messages in your head but the key is to ignore them and keep doing your thing.

If you listen to all the naysayers you'll never follow your dreams. Pay attention to your inner voice, the one that knows how talented you are and how important what you have to say is. Keep moving forward no matter what the critics say. Continue building your self-awareness so you understand what you really want to do in life.

How do you affirm your creativity instead of denying it?