The Self-Awareness Guy

It’s OK to Be Sensitive

A lot of people who are labeled sensitive go through life being mocked or belittled for having an extraordinary way of looking at the world. Being sensitive simply means that you have the self-awareness to be in touch with deeper feelings and are able to experience things more intensely and fully. Being a sensitive person requires a lot of courage because you'll likely feel things that others don't want to deal with or will never get close to experiencing.

As a highly sensitive person, I feel things in my heart; literally like a flooding sensation in my chest. I'm tuned into what others are thinking and feeling even when they aren't. There have been times in my life when I was told to squelch these feelings and it made me feel horrible about myself. Luckily, as I kept building my self-awareness, I realized that I could actually be myself and make a career of it, which allowed me to live a meaningful, happy life.

What are your thoughts on being a sensitive person?