The Self-Awareness Guy

Getting in the Way of Your Own Success

Self-awareness means that you understand how your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors impact your life. Over many years of helping individuals overcome challenges in their lives, I've found it striking how many things people unconsciously think and do that get in the way of their own success, for example:

  • They believe things about themselves and others that lead in an unfavorable direction.
  • They treat themselves and others poorly.
  • They base their entire lives on their inner hurts.
  • They don't pursue their dreams.
  • They settle for whatever comes their way.
  • They're afraid of feeling their emotions.
  • They make things harder rather than easier.

I often wonder what would happen if they would shift these types of beliefs and behaviors in a conscious, positive direction, as in:

  • Believing in things that are beneficial to themselves and others.
  • Treating themselves and others well.
  • Basing their lives on their hopes, talents, and abilities.
  • Pursuing their dreams.
  • Taking action each day to live actively and deliberately.
  • Feeling their feelings and using them to learn and grow positively.
  • Thinking and behaving in ways that make things easier.

We each get to choose how we experience the world. We can think and behave as if it's a dangerous, horrible, hopeless place or one that is full of goodness and opportunities. One of the reasons I love coaching people who value self-awareness is that they live consciously and are willing to look deep inside for what will help them flourish.

What do you think gets in the way of people's success?