The Self-Awareness Guy

Feel Your Feelings

When you possess self-awareness, you're able to live in harmony with your feelings. A common deathbed regret is that people wish they had dealt with their feelings instead of trying to ignore or cover them up. It's vital to feel your feelings so you can live a healthy, happy life. When you don't experience your feelings, you cut off a huge part of who you are. We are all feeling beings with a wide range of emotions.

Much damage has been done to people by societal norms that minimize feelings but what could be more normal than acknowledging what you feel inside? If you're sad, you're sad. If you're scared, you're scared. If you're happy, you're happy. There's no mystery to feelings, they're just natural states of being that your brain and body produce.

My years of helping people build self-awareness have taught me that feelings have to be recognized and dealt with, you can never ignore them. That sadness you feel will never completely go away unless you deal with it. Feelings are so important to your well-being that you literally can't live a truly happy life unless you understand how to manage them positively.

How can you begin feeling your feelings? Each time one comes up, acknowledge it. Simply realize that, no matter how uncomfortable they may be, you can handle them and they are a natural part of you. The key to living a happy life is to gradually heal the difficult feelings and emphasize the positive ones.

What advice do you have on how to feel your feelings?