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Self-Awareness Coaching for People Who Want to Look Below the Surface

Self-awareness coaching is ideal for people who want to look below the surface and discover who they really are. I talk with a lot of intelligent people who look genuinely scared when I’m talking about coaching and tell them that it requires taking an honest, open look at themselves and dealing with the issues that hold them back. For the creative, open-minded people who stick around, self-awareness coaching offers the possibility of moving past obstacles and honoring themselves by living authentically. It’s a caring and challenging process that helps people:

  • Figure out what they do well.
  • Fine-tune what needs some adjustment.
  • Look at the things that hold them back.
  • Work on ways to move forward confidently.
  • Live their ideal life.
  • Be themselves.

I love coaching forward-thinking, kind, proactive, courageous people who aren’t afraid of change and are ready to create a life that reflects who they are deep inside. It’s a process that requires effort but the reward is that you get to live life as yourself.



Self-Awareness Coaching

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