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How to Increase Employee Satisfaction

How to Increase Employee Satisfaction

Many of the leaders and organizations I train understand the important connection between employee satisfaction and performance. The way your employees feel at work affects your bottom line every day. Think about how your business is affected by employees who function under the following parameters:

  • Rushed.
  • Under constant deadline pressure.
  • Infrequent recognition for work well done.
  • Constantly micromanaged and over supervised.
  • Unable to grow or offer talents.
  • Strict hierarchy.

A large percentage of our organizations function under the misapprehension that the parameters listed above are what makes business move. I grant that there are plenty of businesses that make a lot of money by treating their employees in this fashion but think about how your organization would function if you just shifted your way of doing things slightly in a different direction. It might look like this:

  • Time to do tasks.
  • Anticipating deadlines.
  • Frequent and constant recognition and praise.
  • Allowing employees autonomy to do their work.
  • Constant opportunities for growth.
  • Horizontal organizational structure.

Every leader, manager or supervisor has the ability to deeply affect the trajectory of the company by his or her actions. This can be done by simply shifting one’s priorities. I recommend that companies strive to design policies and procedures that embrace the second list because they tend to lead to better results, improved productivity and higher profits.

Think for a moment how you would like your organization to look. Do you prefer the first or second list? Give some thought to which one would help you build the strongest and most dynamic company possible. You hold the answer and you determine the trajectory.  Which will you choose?