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Great Leaders Are Open to Change

Great Leaders Are Open to Change

I train many leaders and many of them have a difficult time dealing with change. The standard way of dealing with change in most workplaces is to get really upset and run around in great distress. Many people dwell on how things used to be and clutch desperately onto the old ways of doing things. This dynamic usually occurs because leaders and their organizations don't have the procedures in place to welcome change or view it as an opportunity for growth.

Change can be scary and daunting but what I've noticed affects workplaces negatively is how they deal with the situation. Leaders don't consciously try to complicate things, it's just that they don't know what to do and very often their leaders aren't helping them through the challenging situations. The next time you're experiencing any kind of change in your organization think about doing the following things to make it more difficult.

1. Pretend it's not happening.
2. Stubbornly keep doing what you've always done.
3. Whatever you do, don't change your perspective.
4. Complain to as many people as you can.
5. Don't buy-in to new ways of doing things.
6. Actively resist doing anything differently.
7. Stay nervous at all times.
8. Run around aimlessly.
9. Feed into the hysteria as often as possible.
10. Don't offer any solutions.

If you do these ten things you'll reverse the passage of time and you will go back to how things used to be. Realistically, you will have little or no impact on the changes going on which really leaves it up to you to decide how you're going to deal with what's actually happening. You have the ability to take even the worst situation and focus it any way you want. One of the great things about leadership is that you get to choose whether the change is a tragedy or an opportunity. What will you do to welcome change and use it to grow and succeed?